Audio support in hugo-unix, homebrew tap for macOS

I just added full audio support to the command-line interpreter that comes with hugo-unix. If frotz has it, we should to!

It uses the same audio engine as Hugor, so all music and sound formats Hugo games can have are supported (that’s MP3, WAV, MIDI and various MOD music formats.) It’s disabled by default though, because building it requires development libraries to be available on the system. To make things easier for Mac users, I made hugo-unix installable using homebrew. All you need to do is add the hugo tap with:

brew tap realnc/hugo

Then you can install hugo-unix with:

brew install hugo-unix

It will download, build and install everything automatically, just like any other homebrew package. In a default homebrew setup, you should be able to run “hc” (compiler), “hd” (debugger) and “he” (command-line interpreter) from anywhere, since /usr/local/bin is already in the system PATH in macOS. Note that the package is called “hugo-unix”, not “hugo”. There’s already a package in homebrew called “hugo” (which is completely unrelated.)

(Needless to say, installing through homebrew will automatically get you the audio-enabled version of the command-line interpreter.)

If you don’t have homebrew installed, you should. It’s awesome. And dead-easy to install. All you need to do is open a terminal (normal user, NOT root) and paste this command in it:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Confirm the prompts. For more info, see

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