Audio file converter tool for v6

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I’m currently browsing the if-archive but having no luck, would anyone know please if what I’m after exists and where it can be located?

Is there a tool to convert from WAV file format to “Z-Machine” audio file format?



Which interpreter do you want them to work on?

You probably already know this, but for anyone else coming across this thread—the details of audio handling on the Z-machine are left completely up to the interpreter. The Z-code just says “play sound number 7” and the interpreter is responsible for everything else (finding the appropriate file, decoding it, etc); it can be in whatever format and whatever location the interpreter writer feels like, and the Standard doesn’t care.

Infocom’s interpreters handled their sound files differently on each platform (Amiga vs Macintosh); the details are here. Nowadays, though, most interpreters don’t bother with that format, and just use the Blorb standard (i.e. AIFF or OGG sounds packaged up with the game).

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Frotz :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Frotz just uses blorbs as far as I know, so convert the sounds to AIFF or OGG, then package them with blorbtool or the like.

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There are some other things the game can do like specify number of repeats and volume.

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