Audigame: giving life to your interactive fiction :)

Hello dear IF creators,

My name is Pierre and I have created the first interactive audio adventures platform called “Audigames”. The Audigames are episodes of 10 minutes average, creating seasons of interactive adventures where the story is told by how you play . Each game is divided in 30 secondes max audio scenes at the end of which the player has to choose between two choices, driving the story throught minor or major branches of the scenario. So the audigames are composed of a treeview scenario and audio files.

Why audio ? Because it is the cheapest way to create scenes without limits but your imagination. On the other hand, audio and smartwatch supports let the player play in every moment of the day : walking, taking public transport, running or visiting places.

The engine is still in progress but you can righ now test the Alpha version on our Android app: “Audigame Alpha”

The beta in June will bring the creation tools needed to publish yourself your audigame, but we are looking for interactive storytellers who wants to work with us on the adaptation of their IF to an exclusive audigame (that we would produce for free of course with voice actors, sound effects and musics) :slight_smile:

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us at

May the power of creation be with you, always :wink:


That’s a fun thing to state on a forum (mostly) dedicated to text. (Particularly as you on your site recommend creating the game in Twine before creating any audio.)

It does sound a bit interesting though, and I hope good things come from your project. As someone who is a fan of both radio theatre and interactive fiction, I would be interested in the games you talk about.

But I also worry that you may not be taking the audio production part of it as seriously as you should, as I see a bunch of pre-canned (uncredited) music on your site along with a suggestion to use voice changer software. I’d prefer a focus on real actors and original music. But you’re obviously just getting started so I wish you good luck, and hope to hear good things from you!