Assume Good Faith

I’m just going to leave this quotation from Wikipedia here, for anyone’s general edification…

While this is interesting and always helpful, I can’t help but feel there’s a context behind it?.. after all, it’s only necessary to explicitly talk about an assumption when it’s proved wrong.

I just notice that in general, people can prefer at times to assume the worst about each other, particularly when they have very different views, and I have always really respected Wikipedia’s approach to this. And whenever I personally have failed to follow this advice when posting online, I usually ended up stepping wrong and felt sorry about it afterward.

It’s hard to have good faith when some individuals in the community think that they, alone, ARE the IF community. They think they are gracing us plebeians with their insight and wisdom, when, in reality, they are wasting everyone’s time trying to soothe their own egos.

But to the good ones, my good faith is always there.


not u, Laroquod. lol