Asking for game recommendations

Do you know any IF games that are like the classic Infocom games? Esp. Lurking Horror, Spellbreaker and Planetfall. I haven’t played many IF other than Infocom but I liked Anchorhead. I want a long game with challenging puzzles that seems classic like. I’ve downloaded loads of games but, there’s too many of them to just go through them one by one looking for a specific kind of game.

Also has anyone played Dark Side of the Moon? It’s a graphical adventure but it seems really cool. I can’t play it because I don’t have Windows 98.

Judging from your tastes I think you would really enjoy Curses and Jigsaw. They are quite challenging, particularly in the later stages, and extremely well implemented (well they should be, since the author designed Inform!)

And there are so many more, but they are great places to start. Two others I’d call out for being great puzzle games couched in very interesting atmosphere/environment: ‘Edifice’, and ‘Spider and Web’.


Christminster and Lost New York are two that I remember fondly but haven’t seen mentioned in a while.

You may also be interested in this IFDB poll:

I recommend Lydia’s Heart. It’s got about the same balance of puzzles and spookiness as Lurking Horror, and it has about the same size and difficulty as Anchorhead.

I’ve written a review of it on the IFDB page:


I know some games were styled to be like classic infocom games.

Games with the Zork Style of Writing Include: (or specific zork parodies)
Zork, a troll’s-eye view

Puzzle Games similar to old Infocom (maybe in mechanics if not in style) include:
The Tiny House - includes a similar spellcasting system to enchanter and the walk around and use items to solve puzzles approach
So Far - has it’s own writing style, but includes the wander around and gather items to use
Bronze - Beauty and the Beast, with puzzle solving and exploation mechanics.
Forbidden Castle- an older game ('84 I think), with some puzzles and NPC interaction that at least reminds ME of infocom games.
Zero Sum Game/(Janitor again) - similarly themed games involving basically playing an adventure game backwards

Of course Adventure is similar (though it predates infocom).

Just to name a few.

I recommend Wearing the Claw by Paul O’Brian. It’s traditional, linear, and has good story.

Augmented Fourth is a good one.