Ascension of Limbs (Release 3)

You may remember Ascension of Limbs from the last year’s IFComp - it’s a horror / simulation game that ended up finishing 22nd. Since then, I’ve made a nearly 20000-word gameplay update to it, with new items, interactions, achievements and NPCs.

The game now even has a speedrunning achievement, where you have to reach the best ending under a certain amount of minutes. I hope someone gives it a try!

I sent the file of the newest version to IF Archive, however, it’s not sorted out yet. In the meanwhile, you can get it from here:

Ascension of Limbs.gblorb (1.3 MB)

A more in-depth list of changes (contains spoilers):

  • the in-game hinting for reaching Ending S was changed. The original wording was a bit misleading, confusing many players during the competition.
  • now it is possible for the seer to fix curses (for 2 cash).
  • four new NPCs (Anton, Paul, the inspector and the drummer).
  • six new unique items (bust, mentha, lantern, vessel, femur and skull).
  • eight new tools (extinguisher, lighter, latch, compendium, booklet, tea, membership and guide).
  • new verbs CONJURE and BURN.
  • fire & appraisal mechanics.
  • four ‘playable characters’ for Arcade-mode.
  • several new achievements, bringing the total to 20 achievements.
  • numerous small bug fixes and balance changes.

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