Artful Deceit - emulator settings

Inspired by Mathbrush review and @Piergiorgio_d_errico 's setting proposal I think it might be practical if this had its own thread.

Most emulator users will probably recommend the VICE emulator for C64 emulation and you can play the game Artful Deceit right away with it. However, there are some settings which can speed up the game a lot.

This is what I found useful:
A good method to speed up the game BEFORE turning on warp-mode is to go to file->Monitor and type: > +650 +127 (including the “>”-sign) and then turn warp mode on. Then you won’t have problems with the spacebar when running at warp speed. Even more speed is achieved by disabling the unused sound playback. I reach about 1200% speed this way without a problematic spacebar key.


That is POKE 650,127 whose disablitates the key autorepeat…

nifty idea.

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dott. Piergiorgio.


I’m kicking this up because 1) this is an entry with relatively few reviews & I’d like to radio-boost it (and try to review it as well) and 2) mods, is it worthwhile to create a “ifcomp-tech-help” tag for potentially tricky entries & maybe even make that tag visible in a pinned topic?

We seem to have a few of these entries each year, well worth poking at, but with the increased number of review topics (yay,) this topic and others were a bit more difficult to find. Law of Unintended Consequences…


Thanks for bumping this up – Artful Deceit is only five away in my queue, so this is timely!

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Thanks for starting this thread. I found your advice to speed up the game helpful!

This is my first emulator experience so I know nothing, but I followed the instructions superstitiously the first time and the game played well. Then after I had to restart and re-load a save after a crash, I was like “hmm, why am I walking incredibly slowly”–only to realize I had forgotten to perform the Mysterious Ritual. So it does work!

Also, for anyone coming here for even MORE BASIC emulator advice, I was confused for a while about what to do from inside the VICE emulator files, but basically you need to open the game file from inside the x64sc.exe application (which is in the “bin” folder of the VICE files), see note on page 5 of the Artful Deceit manual.

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Just to nail things down for anyone frustrated with getting things started (it took me some time) …

I downloaded the GTK3 VICE version 3.7 at

Putting together the info above, this worked to get started and play at warp speed.

Hope this helps someone else. I enjoyed the gameplay experience & it was worth futzing with things.


good, because sometimes the loader and/or initialisation routine ovwerwrites many system locations for their needs (back then, often also for copy protection…)

I used a 64 for so long that some numbers, both decimal and hex, are ROM in the mind…

funny thing, I discovered that some friends from those days used 64’s locations as PIN, of course I pointed to the weakness but the answer was along the lines of “kiddos today don’t know even what is a 64”…

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.