Art Collaborators List

Do not reply here except to post as an available artist. Use personal messages to contact artists or to suggest changes to the first post.

Things artists should post:

  • The media and subjects that you usually work with.
  • Links to a portfolio, showing a good range of the kind of work you’d be able to contribute.
  • Some discussion of the kinds of games that you’d be most interested in creating art for. (Few people are likely to do art for a game that they don’t like if they’re not getting paid for it.) If you have an IFDB account, a link to your ratings might be useful here.
  • Some discussion of how much work you’d be willing to do. Creating a piece of cover-art is a very different proposition from illustrating every room, character and object in a game.

Things that authors should consider before talking to an artist:

  • Is your game in a fairly complete state, or have you already published other games? Any form of collaboration is a commitment, and the majority of IF projects are never finished. An artist will be more willing to help out if you give them reasons to have confidence in your ability to finish a game.
  • Articulate clearly what your requirements are. It’s frustrating to produce art for someone who doesn’t know what they want, or knows what they want but can’t explain it. Give a pretty clear idea of how much freedom you’re willing to give your artist.
  • Are you looking for an illustrator, or a co-author? The default assumption in IF is that the text is primary, and visual art merely illustrates the text; if you want a bigger creative role for your artist, you need to say so.
  • Creating art for a game will often considerably increase the development time. This is particularly important to bear in mind if you’re planning on entering a comp. Since this is primarily a hobbyist community, most artists will have to fit their game art in around the rest of their lives.
  • If you’re planning to release your game commercially, you shouldn’t expect your artist to work for free.
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Ok, then. What can I do?
I made this, this and this for Cover Stories. Nobody wanted them, but I was mostly happy with how they turned out, so something similar is sort of what you can expect if you ask me for cover art. (I’ve drawn my own avatar that’s to the left of this post. It was originally meant as a character for a game that never happened.)
I have also made a point and click game. I suppose that’s the best “portfolio” I currently have.

As you can see, I am a bit limited in my range as a graphical artist. While I’d be interested in the challenge of going slightly outside my usual “box”, and do something a bit different, don’t expect me to be able to pull off something completely different.

What kind of work would I be willing to do? Cover art, absolutely, but I might also be interested in illustrating an entire game. Or if you’d like to design a graphical adventure game, I’d love to draw it, make the music for it (if a similar thread for music turns up, I’ll post in that too) and program it, if you can convince me that your design will be worth the effort.

What kind of game would I be most interested in creating art for? This is a difficult question, and the answer depends on how much work you want from me. For cover image that’d take me maybe a day to make, I won’t be difficult to get on board, but if I’m to spend a year or two… I’d love to see more games about people (a game that’d fit my first cover story image above would be great to play!). Regarding humour vs seriousness, why not have both? (Pixar is a good role model in that area IMHO.) I’m not interested in horror, but what I could create wouldn’t fit in that genre anyway.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. PM works, or you can e-mail me at info@[my username].com

I draw. I like to do comics. Also illustration-y stuff, beer labels, ornament and some very amateur lettering. I’m moderately adaptable and like to try new things, but my stylistic range is pretty limited: if you don’t want line art, for instance, apply elsewhere.

In the interactive fiction world, I’ve created cover art for Lost Pig and An Act of Murder. I occasionally maintain an recommended-game list and list of my (rather minor) games. One or two of these (A Day for Fresh Sushi, Metamorphoses) have been adopted by authors as cover art for IFDB purposes. I like to illustrate my reviews when I have the time (1 2 3), in part because in my reviews I tend to come across as kind of a dick, and it seems as if the authors should at least have a nice bit of fanart to offset the dickishness.

How much work? I’m happy to do cover art for more or less anyone. I’d consider any size of project, depending, but my production rate is not always the swiftest.

What kind of game would I be most interested in? Well, games I like, clearly: my IFDB reviews might like an idea of the sort of things I’m interested in. Generally speaking, though, I’ll forgive anything for the sake of good prose. But the Things I Like To Draw aren’t necessarily the same as Things I Like To Play; stock genre fantasy, for instance, is lots of fun to draw for.

I don’t have much time for creating original works, but I’m happy to grant permission to use most anything I’ve already created.

Most of this is ambient electronic music with a gritty low-fi sound, but there’s a little pop and other things.

Older stuff - Live electronic performances, pop, academically oriented electronic music:

Newer stuff - generative music, very ambient, with little human interaction:

YouTube videos of live performance audio:

Hi! I love working on IF even if I don’t have any published right now. This is an example of my favorite cover I have made, for an unfinished project called A One Way Ticket to High Society.

I can really only do cover art, and I’m best at top-down works at that, but I’m very proud of them, and think of them as eye-catching and more detailed then most other IF covers. If you want any cover art whatsoever, please message me as I would love to do it! Just let me know about your project and if you have any ideas for the cover.

What can of games would I be most interested in creating for? Any, really. I very much enjoy any games set in older time periods, but as for genre, I have no qualms.

If you think you’d like me to help you, let me know! I’d be honored! :smiley:


I’m a long term int-fiction author from the Spanish scene. Recently and due to life responsibilities my available free time has shrink significantly. Neverless I want to be involved somehow with int-fiction by doing illustration work.

You can find samples of my work on my blog. I work on traditional (watercolors, oil) and digital (ps, art-rage).

My conditions:

  • A project nearly finished or already completed in need of some art-work.
  • Someone flexible enough to accept art-licenses on the illustrations. We can discuss a bit the content of the illustration, but once is done is done.
  • Without very tight time constraints. You should expect from me an output of 1 drawing/week
    as an average.
  • No more than 10 finished drawings, but this depends on the style requested.
  • My nickname should be clearly visible in the credits.
  • I’m looking only for illustration work: no photo editing, web, or other type of designer work.

If people are still looking for art collaborators, I do covers and digital illustrations. Here’s my portfolio.

I’m usually willing to do free commissions for free games as long as I am credited and the material isn’t blatantly offensive or mind-numbingly boring. Large projects with multiple illustrations are subject to my availability.

I’m posting on behalf of my brother; I saw some of his work, and thought it could be good for twine games. Here’s a link to his art:

He said he’d be willing to do portraits (like those in Hana Feels or Birdland) for around $20 a portrait. I encouraged him to post this because I think he does good art, and because I know people have been looking for artists before.

Hi, I’m ccsdg (Cheryl). I’m an amateur artist and designer looking for an IF project to help out with. I paint digitally using krita, and design shapes using inkscape.


  • I design and illustrate characters, mostly in historical or fantasy settings, using various shades of realism.
  • I dabble in, and also want to practise, a variety of other areas including environment, objects, animals, logo design, graphic design.
  • FOR FREE! I’m happy to just get in some practice. However, see below.

Restrictions you need to be ok with:

  1. No rush jobs or large projects. I’m a full-time homeschooling mum of three and am unpredictable with timing.
  2. I’m Christian. No adult or sexual content IF.
  3. Attribute me as the artist and if possible provide a link to my portfolio.
  4. Non-commercial only. Unless I LOVE your project.

Here’s my portfolio. At the moment it reflects a small selection of my work.

Those are some beautiful examples in your portfolio! I could see those appearing as key art for commercial games. I just hope you don’t get overwhelmed with work now.

If you start getting a lot of requests, don’t be afraid to at least charge a nominal commission fee for custom work to weed out the people who aren’t serious. Artists deserve to be paid for their efforts!

I am a poor person who makes free games, and I have gladly paid for commissioned artwork.

Seconding what Hanon said, your art looks beautiful!

If you’re interested in practice, I’ve been looking to add some art to my game Scroll Thief. Let me know if anything in the game catches your fancy, or if it’s your sort of thing.

Sound idea. I would totally recommend that freelancers charge for everything. But my most valuable commodity at the moment is minimal attention rather than money, a setup that lets me paint when I want to and completely, totally ignore when I don’t want to. Which I know is a really annoying artist to have on board your project… hopefully that will discourage clients. Maybe I should clarify that in my post.

I didn’t want to violate the group’s rules just to chime in with a +1, but since you’re garnering a few accolades now I thought I’d indulge myself and chime in with a third round of applause. Makes me wish I had a WIP on the go to entreat you to work on! Hats off.