ArsTechnica writes about the Heirs of Infocom and Modern IF

I just saw this article on Ars Technica, dated about a month ago. In case I wasn’t the only one who missed it, here’s the link: … and-today/

A sizable section of the article is given over to the creative endeavors of a certain Mr. Plotkin, but there is also discussion of a new commercial IOS game by Michael and Muffy Berlyn, of which I was not aware. Quite a bit of stuff about “Get Lamp,” too.


I missed it too. Nice article, thanks for sharing.

Thanks. It’s good to see different venues for creating nonlinear story/games–I can be so locked into Inform, since Infocom games were so far above the branching stories I remember from my old Apple II. But there are other ways to be creative.