Arrows between passages are deleted and passages moves to the left edge

Twine Version: 2.3.1
Story Format: Harlowe 3.0.2

The question is not about a code. I’m not a programmer and I don’t use code to work with Twine.

I wanted to edit my story. I tried to move the passage but the arrow between passages just disappeared. Also the passage moved to the left edge and I can’t move it back. It happens every time while i’m trying to move a passage. Also the new created passages has no arrows and just moves to the left edge.
It doesn’t affect the game process. I started playing this quest and everything went smoothly like all passages were on their places.

I can’t edit the story normally. How to fix it?

P.S. I restarted my PC and it didn’t help. Arrows are continuing dissappear.

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