Arrows between passages are deleted and passages moves to the left edge

Twine Version: 2.3.1
Story Format: Harlowe 3.0.2

The question is not about a code. I’m not a programmer and I don’t use code to work with Twine.

I wanted to edit my story. I tried to move the passage but the arrow between passages just disappeared. Also the passage moved to the left edge and I can’t move it back. It happens every time while i’m trying to move a passage. Also the new created passages has no arrows and just moves to the left edge.
It doesn’t affect the game process. I started playing this quest and everything went smoothly like all passages were on their places.

I can’t edit the story normally. How to fix it?

P.S. I restarted my PC and it didn’t help. Arrows are continuing dissappear.

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Are you talking about the arrows pointing between the passages in the flowchart view?

How are you moving the passages?

These lines/arrows are based on the links that you define inside the passage code. Look at my example and you’ll see that I have a link to the other passages in each one of them, which is why the arrow is pointing both directions.

The arrows shouldn’t have anything to do with moving those boxes around in the flowchart view. You are likely missing links between the passages. Could you share some screenshots of what you are seeing to make it clearer?

Thanks for your reply. Yes I’m talking about arrows pointing between the passages.
I can’t put more than 1 media so I’m going to write one more replies. Hope you don’t mind.

About creating new passages. First I make an untitled passage 1 (image 1) (it automatically moved to the left edge). Then I made a link (image 2) and now it looks like this (image 3).

I understood that arrows disappears only between passages which was made before some kind of mistake that spoil things (I don’t know what mistake). Firstly I choose a passage (image 4) and hold down the mouse button (image 5). After I release the mouse button it happens something like this (image 6). Then I close Twine and open it again. This passage is already waiting for me at the left edge (image 7).

About moving the mentioned passage. I hold down the mouse button (image 8), move the passage while holding the button (image 9) and release it. And it happens something like this (image 10).