Arrival in a room

I’m feeling pretty dumb asking this, because I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere.

I want to say something every time I arrive in a certain room. Just once on arrival, not for every move in the room, and not just the very first time I come to the room, but every time I return to it. What’s an efficient way of doing this?

This should do the trick if you want the text to appear before the room description:

Before going to the Welcoming Room, say "The Welcoming Room welcomes you."

If you want to say something after the room description:

Last report going: if going to the Welcoming Room, say "You feel quite welcome here."

There may be a better way to write the last rule, but the ones I tried didn’t work for me.

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I am obliged to you. I’ll try that now.

[1 minute LATER] Worked a treat! Thank you.

It was to report Skill and Treasure points.