Armor value


… yes, sorry, I’m still around.

I have things the player can wear. I want to give certain things an armor rating.

having things should not up the armor rating but wearing them should increase the armor rating.

so if you wear the combat armor it should be a +4, the combat boots are a +1, the helmet a +2, and wearing all three should come out at a total of 7 armor rating.

i thought it was going to be easy but… i failed. the most likely scenario is that I don’t know what I’m doing.

there’s a reference to armor in the documentation but it’s sadly of no use. :frowning:

Anyone got any tips?

Give your “armor” kind a number called “armor rating”. Then you can talk about “the total armor rating of armor worn by the player”.

It can’t be this easy. O.O Hold on, let me check.