Are you ready for ECTOCOMP 2018?

We are planning ECTOCOMP 2018.

For this year, I want to ask you about some preferences:

Do you think we should upgrade the time amount from 3 hours to 4 or 5? Some people think 3 hours is just too tight.

Last year people could send their games along the whole month of October. What about letting just a window of 5 days at the end of October to send the games? I mean, you can work from now on your Magnus horror story, but you just can send it in the previous days to Halloween.

Also, we need a logo for this year. Do you want to draw it? Do you have photoshop abilities? Help us, please! You can cast an eye to the logo of the past competition here:

Or even older editions here:

And that’s all! Are you excited yet? Drop your thoughts below. Regards.

I got inspired and wrote a little 4-room/4-puzzle game today. Maybe I’ll actually try my hand with the time limit, though I admit, I am a slow writer.

Here’s my little “creepy” IF for Halloween. Made it over the course of about 9 hours with interruptions from nephews, the DSL guy, dinner, etc.

Please Help Me:

I’ll try to make a showing for Ectocomp. Halloween is the best. :slight_smile:

Yay ECTOCOMP! I’m really pleased to see that you’re running it again this year, Ruber Eaglenest! I’m tempted to enter, and I’m also tempted to have a go at a logo for this year, too.

Well, remember that if you pass the hour limit, you just enter the Grand Guignol category, and that is.

J.J. Please, you are welcome.

I’m glad you asked about the time limit. I think 3 hours is a bit tight. While it’s been useful to make me use my time extra efficiently, and last year I enjoyed the sesions of writing code on scratch and thinking big ideas and writing it down – well, at a certain point, it gets me frustrated I can’t test much. In a way it’s more draining than if I got an extra hour or two.

And while part of the fun of speed IF, as I understand, is/was being able to laugh at our silly mistakes and not take the whole creation process too seriously, a 3 hour limit seems to force them a bit, and things get unfunny that way. I’d like a chance to test things.

Disclaimer: I’m 70 minutes into a current EctoComp entry & it feels more than half finished.

I’ll welcome the 4 hour limit! In past years, my entries that ran over 3 hours were all finished within 4. Looking forward to entering something. I’m brainstorming now.

The hour limit has been increased to 4, officially. Check the website: