Are there any IF blogs that are currently regularly updated?

I’m looking for IF-themed blogs to read, and I’m particularly interested in ones that are currently being updated on at least a semi-regular basis. I’m not averse to hearing about the “classics” from bygone ages that I shouldn’t ignore, but I’m mostly looking for active blogs.

Feel free to promote your own blog in this thread. General IF stuff or dev diaries are welcome.

If there’s a post/thread that lists a bunch of blogs and I haven’t found it, please link to it you know where it is. Thanks!


The Rosebush is quite good.


Emily Short’s blog has been a bit more sporadic, but it certainly isn’t dead either. Gold Machine by @kamineko is pretty prolific. @zarf still posts fairly regularly on their blog. I know there are more, but that’s just off the top of my head.


To save you from googling:


The one-stop shop here is Planet IF, which aggregates pretty much all the IF and IF-adjacent blogs that I know of. From a quick look, you should be able to see which are still updating regularly and which are moribund, as well as sampling the different approaches folks take. The reading experience is often better on the actual sites rather than the aggregator, of course, since it just pulls the text and main images into a generic layout, but it’s still a great resource for surveying the landscape (and for less-frequently-updated sites, monitoring when there’s new content).


Jason Dyer’s Renga in Blue count as active blog?

He plays bygone aged text adventures.