Arcweave's Monday Prompt challenge for writing interactive scenes

Today, Arcweave started a weekly challenge for writing short interactive scenes and scenarios, given a combined prompt of SETTING and THEME.

This week’s prompt is NOT ANY ROBBERY (a character gets stopped by a mugger, but what the mugger demands is rather unusual) combined with HONOUR (whatever that can mean for a story character).

We host the challenge on the #monday-prompt channel, on our Discord server and everybody is welcome to practice and share their work. Writers are expected to use Arcweave for this, but we won’t brush off any other system that is easy to play and share on a browser.

Happy writing! :pen: :heart:


Arcweave has always looked good, but I’ve always thought it way to expensive for any indie work. I know there’s a free version, but it’s really too limited to do anything useful except try it out. $20/month seems rather a lot?