Archive mirrors out of date

You may have noticed that all of the IF Archive mirrors are several months out of date. This is because when we put up the new Archive box (in April), we didn’t get the rsync daemon working right. I thought this would be a short-term problem, but there have been about four months of “short term” now.

We screwed up this transition and I apologize.

To fix the immediate crisis, I have tarred up the past six months of Archive contributions and sent the info to the mirror maintainers. So they can at least get synced up to the present. Hopefully we will get the regular rsync system figured out in “the short term” and things will go back to normal.

I haven’t received tarball info yet

In case anyone doesn’t know, I run the Gopher IF mirror.

Right, sorry. You weren’t listed in the contact file. I’ve sent a copy of the email.

Just a note: the inform-6.32.1.tar.gz tarball should still be made available. The 6.33.1-b2 tarball is intended only for testing, not release-quality work.

I didn’t look at the contents, I just wrapped up every file in /if-archive that had a change date of Feb 1 or later.

Well, I was looking at the master server and noticed that the only Unix tarball for Inform6 there was the beta.