Approaches by Emily Short

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When using example Easy Keys, after pressing GO, the following is displayed…

Report on Translation: FailedProduced by Inform 7 (build 6L02)
(Each time Go or Replay is clicked, Inform tries to translate the source text into a working story, and updates this report.)

Problem. I can’t find the extension ‘Plurality by Emily Short’, which seems not to be installed, but was requested by: ‘Include Plurality by Emily Short’ .

You can get hold of extensions which people have made public at the Inform website,

Because of this problem, the source could not be translated into a working game. (Correct the source text to remove the difficulty and click on Go once again.)

You can fix this problem by downloading and installing Plurality, as the error indicates. However, the functionality of Plurality (as far as I understand from my own similar issues) is basically standard now so that’d in effect duplicate something 6L02 already has.

Note that installing Plurality doesn’t mean adding the line “Include Plurality by Emily Short” to your own story file – Approaches already does that. Or tries to, at least.

If you have version 6 of Approaches, it looks like I did everything needed to make it independent of Plurality except to actually (doh) strip out the “Include Plurality” line. If you try cutting that line from the extension, it seems to work.

(I’ll upload a fixed version.)