… The Boss’ last album roxxors.

Sorry for being old. :slight_smile:

Who’s The Boss?

You are fired.

I realized I had a problem the other day when the album I was most excited about right now is from 1987.

Is he still alive?


It’s probably true to say that I’ve never really given Bruce a fair listening to. I like The Ghost of Tom Joad (but not as much as I like Woody Guthrie’s Tom Joad songs) and Dancing in the Dark swings, but I can’t pretend to be very familiar with his oeuvre. Some of what I have heard seems to border on stadium rock, which I despise with the burning fury of seven thousands suns.

And kickin’.

Bah. 1975. Nothing’s better.

JoeyJones, try it. You won’t regret it.

Why are we talking about Tony Danza?

Got a Kennedy Center Award, delivered by the president himself - which I’m told is the highest honour for an American artist - last year or so.

It was quite a ceremony. Springsteen (“I may be President, but he’s The Boss”), Mel Brooks, Robert DeNiro, Dave Brubeck (jazz pianist/composer) and Grace Bumbry (opera diva). Unlikely bunch, I’d have thought.

Hey we can talk about Tony Danza if you want to. According to the youtube, the only person Tony Danza ever interviewed on his talk show that I’ve even remotely heard of is the Christian author Carlos Ray Norris

Yay Dave Brubeck!

Unfortunately, the Big Man is no longer with us. But he left us a Lady Gaga record. … ory-video/