Anyone used TWINE for vignette based research projects and analysed the data?

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Hi there,
New to TWINE but considering using it for a research project to examine decision making. Struggling to find information about how the data (e.g. user choices/decisions) will come back e.g. the format of the data, types of recommended statistical analysis.

Also has anyone integrated TWINE with a pre-post survey e.g. surveymonkey?

Appreciate this is a niche question but any pointers much appreciated.


Hi, welcome to the forum!

Twine is a cool tool, but I’m not sure whether it’s a good fit for your goals.

Out of the box, it is a purely client-side system. The user’s browser loads the file once, and then all the decisions and the processing take place on the user’s computer, and no data is sent to any server.

You can extend Twine with JavaScript, so you could add the necessary functionality, but it might turn out to be a lot of work.

There have been successful attempts to hook it up with Google services in the past:

Twine doesn’t contain any special tools for evaluation/analysis. If you can implement the connection to Google Sheets or something similar, then the next step would probably be to store the data in some universal format like plaintext CSV (comma-separated values), and feed it into your favourite statistics/math program, like R, SPSS, MATLAB; or Python with its data science packages. (Or Excel might also suffice.)

Having said all that, I think I’d recommend first trying out an existing online survey platform like SurveyMonkey, as you mentioned, or Qualtrics, or SoSciSurvey.

For text-based vignettes with a list of choice options, those platforms should work very well. (They can also do more than that, but I don’t know the details.)