Anyone remember Below the Root?

Below the Root is a graphical adventure game I’d consider IF-adjacent. It’s one of the games I’ve always wanted to finish. When I had it as a teen I never had the time to dig in properly and finish it. I remember it being fascinating though. I think I had it on my Apple II, but it could have been my C-64.


Great game. I played on c64.

Beat it with multiple characters. Very replayable.

I played it quite a bit (and read the original books!) but never managed to complete it.

If I recall correctly, the physically weak PC with the most magic (I don’t recall the terminology) was the easiest route. You had to be more careful with hazards, but getting around was much easier. I don’t think I ever beat it with the most physically powerful character.

I liked the very simple speech/mind reading action. In those days, it really felt deep and evocative. Each home had its inhabitants. Despite the sparse interactivity the world seemed alive to me. It was a very innovative title and the best Spinnaker/Windham Classics game mechanically. The author considered it an extension of her fictional universe, while most Spinnaker games were adaptations.

I’ve gone back to it a couple of times over the years, and it holds up better than most Spinnaker games, though I’ve lost my taste for platforming, I’m afraid.

If I ever finish with Infocom, I’d like to write about some Spinnaker titles, including this one as well as Telarium games like Perry Mason and Nine Princes in Amber.


I didn’t learn about this game until a couple of years ago and I don’t understand why.

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