Anyone else up for Stranded 2?

I recently bought (on Steam) and started playing the game Stranded 2 by Jim Jams Games. It is also available on I assume it is written by Dave Hawkins who also wrote the first one a long time ago and some other related games in the same engine like Tangled Tales and The Eye of Borrack.

I haven’t found any solution/hints anywhere online, so I thought I’d drop by and check if anyone else would like to explore it at the same time as I do (without any formal requirements or protocol for interaction). I just thought it’d be good to have someone else to exchange hints and nudges if necessary.

I have to say however that you need to be up for a buggy custom parser. Tangled Tales got quite a bit of backlash for that and it seems to be the same here. You will find quite a few slightly annoying bugs (e.g. the score) and typos even in the first few minutes of playing, and that can be off-putting for those not prepared for the meta-challenge.

I am enjoying it so far, in any case!

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