Anyone else have the Windows IDE hang for too long on run

[EDIT!!! Leaving the below text for search engines, but I’ve solved the Windows IDE hang on compile]

The problem seemed to be Windows Defender. The default AV package in modern Windows. Usually pretty good too, this is the first issue I’ve had. Go into Defender, go to settings, and add exclusions to ANY FOLDER Inform needs. I added Inform itself, and there was no change. But once I added the projects folder I use for all inform projects, and the settings folder (“Inform” in Documents) the problem went away.

So, Windows users, if Inform sits on “Generating Code” for a small project for too long, try this and see if it helps.

Inform folder (c:\Inform 7 or wherever you have it installed)
Inform settings and extension folder (c:\users\your name\Documents\Inform)
And your project folder

Original issue below:

Hey all.

So the newest Windows version is giving me some issues. It all works, just works slowly when compiling.

So I hit “Go” and I see the regular old compile progress bar. All is good! Yay! But then, about a quarter inch from the end it hangs for 20 or 30 seconds. Then it completes. Ok. No biggie. Had to be a weird hang for a first compile!

No. Does it every time.

And odder still, “Replay” also recompiles the work fully, instead of just running the game. So something just isn’t right.

Tested on my iMac, and with Zarf’s help via this forum (MacOS Sierra doesn’t like to actually run the game…) everything is working fine. Run runs it quickly. Replay replays without a recompile.

So it seems to me something is up and I need to know if others are having an issue, or if it’s just me.

Things I’ve tried:
[]Putting the while Inform folder into my antivirus exclusion list (figured it could be the AV munging things up)
]Doing the same for the project folder

So, anyone else have this annoying issue? It makes testing even a few lines a chore, feeling like I’m compiling some huge game when it’s literally 3 lines.


Yes - somewhere in the last few years Windows Defender has started examining every HTML file that applications create or read, and Inform 7 generates and uses a lot of HTML - all the documentation and indexes are in HTML.

Thanks for posting this. I noticed it was way slower on Windows 10 than Ubuntu and didn’t have time to track down why.

Weirdly, I have discovered my new-ish computer has my document folder on a “OneDrive”…is this Microsoft’s version of Dropbox?

Oh and thanks for the detailed instructions. Ever so much faster!