Anyone else getting a "Please come back later" error from the IF Comp website?

I’m getting the error whenever I try to upload files or click the “Play online” button. I believe my files did go through despite the error since the “Download” button is working and it says that my entry is complete. Is “Play online” not yet functional for an author to preview their game on there?

I already e-mailed the official account a couple hours ago, but since I haven’t heard anyone else yelling about this, I’m wondering if the site just hates me in particular. The only other reference I’ve been able to find regarding this error is from a couple years ago.



There are usually technical issues on the last day as everyone scrambles to get uploaded, and it’s possible they’re working on the site as well.

If there’s a major tech issue that prevents people from uploading, historically the Comp admins are good about extending the deadline and making sure everyone who needs to gets a chance to upload, or making singular arrangements with authors who are having tech issues.

Jacq will be real busy, but is usually quite aware of the tech situation on submission day.


this is one of the reasons I have uploaded well in advance.
The other is much more serious, but I’ll talk later, because is VERY OT…

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.