Anyone come across this 'deep learning generated text adventure', AI Dungeon 2?

It’s quite remarkable really, and a lot of fun. I’d never heard of it before today but it seems to actually create a reasonably playable, and very fun game. The site has various examples of games people have played and the stories that have been generated. The really fascinating bit is that it does such a good job of making you think it understands whatever you type in. If you do decide to try it, make sure you try the ‘custom’ option in the menu(you’ll see what I mean). Anyway, the link to the site with all necessary info. is here:

Have fun. I certainly am.


Interesting project but for the love of what’s Holy, why am I required to have a Google account to run it?

Because it uses Google Colab to run the “HUGE machine-learning model” that backs it. If you have the hardware and have CUDA and tensorflow-gpu installed, etc., you can apparently run it locally as well:

I’m already so unbelievably sick of hearing about this thing.

It was also cool getting absolutely no heads up in the form of 'hey ChooseYourStory, I’m ripping tons of stories off your site to feed into my AI thingy, your small cozy community of misanthropes will probably notice this when it gets mentioned across the entire internet.

Already literally praying not enough interested people go searching out the site to start some kind of noob swarm.

You’ll be pleased to hear that it’s currently offline then due to the increased traffic. There’s a workaround to be able to play it locally but it’s a pain and I don’t see that working for them as a long term solution. I was interested to try it out though.

I must admit that the parser is pretty impressive. Not quite as impressed with the storycraft but I suppose that’s why we still have human beings writing the good stories.

The ChooseYourStory massive download scenario is a strange situation. The copyright license clearly states that large portions of the content cannot be reproduced without written permission. Plus, it sounds like they weren’t very diplomatic about their approach. Is grabbing all of the content from a site to input into an AI algorithm the same as reproducing large portions of content? Even if the produced content is not an actual reproduction? Seems like gray area. At any rate, obtaining written permission first would have gone a long way to resolving this conundrum, I imagine.

I’m ambivalent about this project. On the one hand, it’s creating interest in IF again. Who would have thought that this generation of gamers would want to return to text-based games in droves? Maybe our “cozy community of misanthropes” (cool phrase, I like it :slight_smile:) is going to get a little bigger. On the other hand, are we just creating more soap opera-like content to plug up yet another storycraft avenue? Fulfilling people’s neverending ravenous story consumption habits with the equivalence of storycraft junk food? On the other other hand, people can learn to consume nutrient dense IF as well and this may be an avenue to teach them.

Did I just turn this post into a Food, Inc. documentary knockoff :thinking: :smile:?

Either way, maybe this is the project that is going to start answering some of these questions.

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Okay, so this guy has taken our stories and stuffed them all on GitHub to make them free for basically anybody to use. Thanks Nick, very cool.

I’m contacting the owner of CYS about it now and I hope he has a better idea of what to even start dealing with this legally than I do.

E: okay, the dev was able to be contacted and I think it’s sorted out.

There is no parser in the traditional sense. It’s much more like an art style transfer tool (a la ). Except it’s working with word-and-phrase texture instead of pixel-color texture.


This thread certainly got more interesting now that Nick posted and Bill is now threatening to sue him. Lol.

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After apologizing, Nick joined our Discord and was absorbed into the collective. Everything is good now.

Bill backed off on demanding the fat checks, but I understand the address he posted while doing this was screenshotted several times, meaning there’s now a non zero chance he will receive a festive reindeer sculpture of toenail clippings and hair from one of our more creative members if they ever get drunk enough.


The thing is down due to Google costs. However, you can download the files and run it locally if you enjoy setting up Python environments.

I haven’t tried doing that. I was chatting with someone who did. He got it to work, but it was really slow. If you have a high-end graphics card, it will run better – the Python neural-net libraries can optimize their work by offloading it to the GPU.

…This is a text adventure which requires a really good graphics card to run well. You can’t make this crap up.


They’ve switched to using a torrent to download now so it’s back up and running, although it takes a bit more patience to wait for the download to finish. You can find it here. Just run the two bits of code at the very bottom of the page:

You can also help seed the torrent if you choose to by clicking the link on that same page.

Funny how my less-than-one-year-old 700-dollar GPU that felt like total overkill for my gaming needs when I bought it is nowhere near enough to run this.


I did get it to run on CPU in the end, however. Very slow, takes several minutes to reply to each command. Feels more like talking to a chatbot than playing a game or reading a coherent story, but still, a pretty impressive chatbot:

> enter building

You walk through the door and see a large room filled with bookshelves and shelves.
 There is also a table with several bottles on it. On the table sits a man with
 long white hair and a beard. He wears a robe and carries a staff

> ask him who he is

"My name is Dendrin". He replies. "I am the God of the shadows and all those
 who follow him. I was sent here by Master Ebon to help you".

> ebon who?

"Master Ebon is my master". He says. "He has been trying to contact me for a
 very long time now. I think he wants to talk about something important though".

> Wait, how did he send you if he can't contact you?

"Well, he hasn't told me everything yet. I just know that he wants us to work
 together against the dark lord. He said that we would both succeed and that
 we would live forever".

AI brain damage from Olympic level fapping to interactive fiction is real.

You come around a corner, away from the noise of the opening.

There is only one exhibit. She stands in the spotlight, with her back to you: a sweep of pale hair on paler skin, a column of emerald silk that ends in a pool at her feet.  She might be the model in a perfume ad; the trophy wife at a formal gathering; one of the guests at this very opening, standing on an empty pedestal in some ironic act of artistic deconstruction --

You hesitate, about to turn away. Her hand balls into a fist.

"They told me you were coming."

"I am," you say.

"Yes, they did," she says.  "But I'm not here for them.  I'm here because I want to see you".


She looks down.

> Why?

"Because... I've been thinking..". she begins, and then pauses.  "Because I think we should have children".

You stare at her, stunned.  "What?" you ask.

"Because... I've been thinking..". she continues, pausing again.

> Thinking?

"No! No! No! No!" you exclaim, as if your brain has just exploded.
> No!

"Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!" she screams, as the two of you run out of the room in a huff.

The next day, you tell your mother that you want to go to the doctor about your dreams.

    *** The End ***

CPU specs?

An AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, 3.7 GHz, apparently.

My GPU is an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 with 8 GB, and AI Dungeon would crash right away with out-of-memory errors when I tried running it with CUDA support. 12 GB video memory minimum, I am told.

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Thanks. Neither can my Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 and Intel i7 ­6700K 4.0Ghz.