Anybody working on Dutch translation of Inform 7

There was a Dutch translation of Inform 6 a while back and I saw there were working translations for the latest version of Inform in French and Spanish. I have copy-pasted something together for IF7 using the old IF6 translation, stuff from the French and Spanish translations etc. It is somewhat functional. We plan to use it in an educational project. So the only requirement is that the language of play is Dutch, not necessarily using any complex adaptive things. So I was wondering if anybody is already working / or planning to work on a more serious translation for Dutch, i.e. like the French and Spanish? I have experimented a bit with the pre-form grammar and while I can now conjugate to be in Dutch, it is a little daunting (in Inform that is, conjugation in RL is a lot easier) :slight_smile:

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Hello, I am also interested in writing an interactive game in Dutch, for an educational project.
Do you have any news about the translation?
And what is your game? Maybe i can try it out so I can see how to write in Dutch.

Greetings from Belgium.

Hi Thomas,

I am also looking for a Dutch version of inform - I can’t find an extension on, but maybe you made/found one?
Or did you end up using inform 6 with the Dutch library, looks like the best alternative to me at the moment.

Greetings, also from Belgium,

Anyone that is interested in a working (but limited/copy-pasted) Dutch translation of Inform7 (language of play) can e-mail me: j.schuddeboom[at] gymnasiumleiden[dot]nl.