Any word on I7 update?

Ok Folks It’s 3 years and 3 months since 66G0.

Will Graham update this year or not?

As you well know, there is no update schedule, nor will you get one. If there was concrete news, it’d have been posted in the appropriate thread.

If you want suggestive rumour, there has been a distinct uptick in the rate of bug closeouts on Mantis in the past month or so, which historically has been an indicator that a release is not far off.

(And I assure you, pestering will have absolutely zero effect on Graham’s work rate.)

To be more specific – and I have no information that is not publicly available – Graham has been resolving bugs at a furious pace since January 4 (link will not show what it needs to show after a little while. Before then he hadn’t marked any resolved since December 2011.

If there were a pool on when the next release would be announced, my choice in it would be influenced by this post.

Thank you for the link, matt w, you reminded me how awesome this upcoming version is promising to be. You made me salivate.

And please don’t quote me out of context.

FWIW, those of you who are in the Oxford vicinity can come talk to Graham about Inform this Sunday (and to Eric Eve about adv3lite, as well): … ion-Group/

More specifically, if you open the + Search menu and set the Hide Status filter to “resolved (And Above)”, you’ll find there are only 29 issues still open in Mantis. This is the lowest it’s been in years, and Graham traditionally fixes all known bugs before a typical release. Of course, that may well prove to be a necessary but not, in itself, sufficient condition for release.

Booking my flight right now…okay maybe not, but I want to.

David C.

There once was a man named Graham.
And another named Maga, no Sam.
They’re both from the U.K.
Married girls from the U.S. of A.
And they both write code as they can.

Graham makes Inform 7 for us all.
Maga makes Jacqueline feel tall.

If you wish a new version,
patience is your only excursion,
And Club Floyd is only a diversion.

I usually guess the iterations,
and am always wrong.

Bad poetry aside,
I think this time we’ll cry…
For Inform 7 9F54 will arrive,
in April, or May, or July.

David C.

I’ll chalk this one up to poetic licence (though I think yours just got revoked). In fact, I am terrible at storing things in cabinets above her reach.

I have to admit I’m still finding cool things about the current version. And I got a kick out of seeing one bug I reported already fixed.

DaveC’s limericks inspired one of my own.

The next main release of Inform
Will likely create a huge swarm
Of features so neat
I’ll just take a seat,
Fix my bugs, and wait out the storm.

ETA: wait makes more sense as a verb.

My horrible psychic ability (based on past experience): I can predict new keywords in the next version with my old source code. So…

Inform’s next release, I hear tell,
Will be spiffy and nifty and swell,
I’ll maintain this perspective
With min’mal invective
Till all my past code goes to hell.


The Oxford IF meetup is getting breaking news on the next I7 release. You can follow Emily’s comments at , or wait for her to write up a blog post, but:


Salivating again.


Eagerly awaiting this! (while too simultaneously fearing for my source code to break in hundred places)


Thank you for choosing French :wink:

One day more…

Has there been any further word on the changes?

The funny part is with comps going on and people fixing their entries, some of us may have to hold off on the upgrade to make sure our current code doesn’t break!

Ah, delicious irony. :slight_smile: I love it whenever I see it.

You’d have seen it here.