Any way to use a group of actions in relation to persuasion rules?

Basically I was trying to create certain actions where persuasion succeeds and the rest fail. I realize I can make many separate rules for each action, but was hoping to have a single rule handling a group all at once.

I can make the groups fine - sorry not at home right now but the pseduo is just like:
Sleeping is a mundane action.
Cleaning is a mundane action.
Watching is a mundane action.

And that works fine. But I don’t know how to check it vs the persuasion rule. If I try putting something like…

Persuasion rule for asking Jacob to try doing something:
	if the current action is a mundane action:
		persuasion succeeds;
		persuasion fails.

It never fires, because the current action is actually “asking jacob to try sleeping”.
But if I try adding that as a mundane action (the asking included), it says you can’t include an actor so you can’t include asking people to do things.

Granted it’s not the end of the world either way. I can still do a number of specific persuasion rules (ie persuasion rule for asking jacob to try sleeping, and so on) or probably a bigger if/else sort of tree (if the current action is asking jacob to try sleeping, etc), but it just would feel nicer to be able to do a single persuasion rule covering a larger number of actions.

Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance!

Edit: The solution below worked, just make sure to add rule

Persuasion rule for asking Jacob to try a mundane action:
persuasion succeeds.

Does “persuasion for asking Jacob to try a mundane action” work?


I got home and gave it a try and yep, that solved it! Not sure what I had messed up before, because I tried a couple variations with it in the rule line and didn’t get it to go through. Must have been just wording it wrong or something.

Regardless, that one works! (the small caveat of having “persuasion rule for asking Jacob to try a mundane action”) Thanks a lot for the quick help! Turns out I was being a dummy, but hopefully that helps someone else in the future with a similar question.

Inform can be very particular about these things, especially where “action categories” like this are concerned! I had to phrase my post as a question since I couldn’t actually remember if that syntax worked or not…