Any way to run test x with "a/b/c" from the command line?

I want to run nightly builds of my projects just to check if any actions break the walkthroughs, or any bugs testers may find, etc…

So far I’m able to build my projects from the command line. So I’m wondering if it’s possible to run a test script from the command line.? This doesn’t seem critical, as I could run an autoIt script, or convert

test x with "n/s/e/w" to one with perl or python or whatever. But I was wondering if there was a way to try

inform-executable -file (my.gblorb) -testcase (win-the-game) -outfile win-the-game.txt

And then I’d just parse the rest. But I don’t even know

I think Mike Ciul found a way to do so for his 2012 IFComp project A Killer Headache, but I haven’t seen him lately. And I should remember, or recall a way to look up, his forum name to scour things that way–but I’m flaking.

Does anyone have this information, or a way to find it? Thanks!

I think you’re looking for capmikee.

This thread on automated testing might be useful, especially the link in the second post.

I don’t think this was mentioned in the previous thread… I set up a Python script for scripted testing of Hadean Lands. It can be used with any interpreter with a dumb-terminal interface (stdin/stdout), but it’s more powerful if you build an interpreter with RemGlk (that way you can test more input types, status-window output, etc).

Wow! Thanks! I want to look at this this weekend for sure. I was sort of wondering how you kept so much stuff tested.

…So, I’m flaking here. The syntax for the tests seems really self-explanatory and intuitive.

What is a good command-line interpreter for Windows? Anyone know of one?

Compile git with cheapglk or remglk? I don’t know if there are binaries available for that.

Ok…I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and do so. I’m lazy about compiling, but this is really worth it. If it works & the binaries aren’t anywhere else I definitely want to leave them as a resource to help others.