Any way to mark text to be spelled out for screen readers?

I’m writing a game that uses abbreviations for commands (like AUD or MED or JUD. The commands are supposed to be abbreviations and not words. Is there any way to indicate to screen readers that these should be spelled out and not pronounced?

No. Possibly some screen readers will recognize all-caps, but then it’s common for all IF verbs to be written in all caps in the help text. So that doesn’t help much.

We’ve talked a little about games having a screen reader mode. That is, you set an (in-game) option, and then the game spells out unusual or fanciful words. “AUD (A-U-D)”

But I don’t think we’ve sat down with screen reader users to talk about how that should work.

Not sure if it’s relevant, but check out the IDE Library extension “Simple Spelling” by Alice Grove.

(I think it’s in the library…)

If not, go here … ce%20Grove

One other option, could you use a variable and text variations to queue the player?

The description of the radio is "It's a radio you can turn on and off. There's a volume knob and an audio knob, and a button mysteriously labeled 'demozzofrabulator'.[if screenreader is true] You can abbreviate audio as A. U. D., volume as V. O. L., and just type M. O. Z. to use the demozzofrabulator button.[end if]]"