Any way to circumvent the max number of things you can drop in Inform?

I’ve finally stitched together all my testing commands for my large Inform work Never Gives Up Her Dead so it plays through every area right up until the very end, around 2500 commands (although about 300 of those are redundant for testing reasons).

I’ve recently bumped into two problems. One is that it said I had run out of room to carry things; this turned out to be because I exceeded the 100 items limit (my conversational system includes topics as items, so this is part of the reason). I think that one shouldn’t be hard to fix because I could just increase the inventory limit (hopefully).

But apparently there is also a limit on how many items you can drop with ‘drop all’. If you’re carrying more than 100 items, only the first 100 get checked to see if they can be dropped, and then everything after that just stays in their possession.

Is there any way to circumvent this limit? I know I can just prune the number of topics carried by players (especially inactive topics) but this is such a weird bug that I’m wondering if it could be circumvented some other way.

You can test this with something like:

A ramen is a kind of thing. The player is carrying 98 ramens.

A blob is a kind of thing. The player is carrying 98 blobs.

If you type ‘drop all’ it’ll just drop 98 ramens and 2 blobs and leave the rest.

There’s an internal parser setting that you can adjust:

Use maximum things understood at once of at least 200.

(See: 4.14. Duplicates)


Thanks! I think I’ll bump up that limit and also weed out the topics I’m carrying around.