Any tutorials on creating a rpg battle system?

I’m new to Twine and I can’t seen to find any tutorials around the internet teaching me how to make a rpg battle system for my story. The game I’m creating is supposed to play like a rpg book: it’s a interactive story in which you go to different “pages”(passages) based on your choices, you also roll dice to sort you damage calculations and your stats. All encounters are planned (are not random), and it would be cool if the player could control multiple party members. The game is mostly focused on the written narrative though (text on screen, some buttons to advance the story).
I’m using Sugarcube 2, since I plan on having a save system, but I could change to another format if needed.

SugarCube is a good choice. That said, there’s a nearly infinite number of ways to do an RPG combat system.

It’s really up to you how detailed and “crunchy” or how simple you want to make your combat system, what special moves you want, etc… So it would be really hard to make such a tutorial.

One thing I can recommend is working backwards when designing it. Figure out the end result of how you want the average combat to play out (how many turns on average, how much damage they should have taken in total on average, how risky the combat is based on player level, etc…). Basically, figure out what would be a fun combat, that doesn’t become too long and grindy or too much of the same thing. Once you have that, then work backwards to figure out the math which produces those results.

Then make a simple test game where all it is is a way for you to test your combat system. Play it, tweak it, play it, tweak it again, and so on until it’s well-balanced and fun. Then import that code into your main game code.

Just don’t get so caught up in the details of system that you forget that those details have to move you towards the end goal of having an entertaining combat system.

Taking a look at other RPG systems and combining the techniques that worked for you in them into your own system should make it a bit easier to wrap your head around what needs to be done.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: