Any other Adrift like systems out there?

I’m looking at Adrift 5 and I was wondering if there are any other GUI based authoring systems like that out there or in the works? I’m interested in the obscure also. I know about Quest, but those 2 are the only ones I know of.

Not specifically for IF. I bet others have used more graphical systems for text adventures though. I’m pretty sure there’s one for Unity for example. Also if you don’t necessarily want to make parser IF then there’s Twine, the Choicescript online IDE, etc.

The first file here describes itself thus:

Sounds a bit like a GUI-based system. Note, though, that this is old and that few people will be happy with getting an AGT game nowadays!

Well, there USED to be SUDS, when it was Andy Elliott’s baby.

Now it has new parents and it’s the worse for wear.

Hey wow, I could have really used AGT Author’s Aid about 17 years ago! And hey, you never know, if Wade could rehabilitate Eamon with Leadlight, maybe someone someday will shock the IF nation and produce a modern AGT game worthy of the hassle of playing. I know, it’s a long shot.