Any new releases from Admiral Jota?

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if Admiral Jota has released a game in the last decade? The last title on IFDB is a Speed IF title from 2011.

I’ve been playing through their games, oldest to newest, and I was sad to see the games drop off and was wistfully hoping maybe new ones just didn’t make it to IFDB?


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So, uh, not to interrupt everyone, but is it safe to say Admiral Jota has been dormant and I’m not missing any titles?


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I’m going to leave it open as many people enjoy the games of Admiral Jota, and I’ve moved the conversational tangent to a new thread.


Okay, that’s your prerogative. Thank you for your quick response.


I have played all his games and really enjoyed them. They are mostly SpeedIF or mini-comp entries, but he is most famous for ‘Lost Pig’. I’m sure everyone would love to see a sequel of that. Or maybe a prequel based on Grunk’s exploits in his blog.


Admiral Jota has released the following games (in alphabetical order):

  • 2604 (released in 2001 for SpeedIF 17)
  • Bears, Bears, Bears (released in 2001 for SpeedIF Y)
  • Behold! (released in 2001 for SpeedIF XYZZY)
  • Carnival (released in 1999 for SpeedIF 5.5)
  • Deep Breathing (released in 2006 for SpeedIF Gruff)
  • Dino Hunt (released in 2000 for DinoComp)
  • Doomsday (released in 1999 for SpeedIF 5)
  • A Freak Accident Leaves Seattle Pantsless III: Endgame (released in 2000 for SpeedIF 8)
  • Garden of the Dragon (released in 2000 for SpeedIF 13)
  • Help! My Vacuum Cleaner Is Broken! (released in 2001 for SpeedIF 15)
  • Lost Pig (released in 2007 for IFComp 2007)
  • A Monkey Stole Your Toast! (released in 2003 for SpeedIF ToasterComp II)
  • Moon Over Jupiter (released in 2001 for SpeedIF 2001)
  • Pass the Banana (released in 1999 for IFComp 1999)
  • Plaque (released in 2000 for SpeedIF 12)
  • Practical Astrology (released in 2001 for SpeedIF O)
  • Ragnarok: Twilight of the Gods (released in 2001 for The penultimate not numbered New Year’s Speed IF)
  • Reality Railroad (released in 2003 for SpeedIF U)

Admiral Jota’s most famous game is ‘Lost Pig’. This won IFComp 2007 and had a post-comp release the following year. The competition entry was written under the pseudonym of ‘Grunk’. Grunk is the player character who writes about himself in the second person. He is an uneducated orc who first came to fame five years earlier when he joined the army and started writing his daily journal at Grunk’s Journal. Check it out. It’s very funny. It’s a long time since I’ve read it, but I think this could be turned into a prequel to ‘Lost Pig’.

‘Lost Pig’ is set before Grunk’s stint in the army. In fact, it is in this game that the gnome suggests to Grunk that the army might be a good career choice for him.

The last entry in Grunk’s journal tells about his game. To quote: “It long time since Grunk tell thing here. And now Grunk here telling that Grunk tell story in some other place…”