Any "lite" games? Played Choose your own Adventure books as a kid

I’m just getting into this and some of the games here are really…how can you say “high brow”? I’m playing some, Im not some literary critic or anything and not even following them.

I kinda want something that I would just read as a kid. Kinda like some people read young adult fiction. Just to kinda feel the author’s imagination.

Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks :slight_smile:


This is a fun one


I think that comedy if will be a good place to search. plenty of games are silly and light


When I think of young adult games, I think of Birdland since that would’ve been a game I enjoyed:

Another title would be A Paradox Between Worlds:

They’re both games I would recommend to a young adult interested in the medium, though for different reasons. Birdland captures the imagination found in the novels while APBW is about the fandom politics of using Tumblr. They are both fun titles, so if you do pick them, I hope you enjoy ‘em!


Welcome Alex.

Do you know yet whether you’re particularly interested in choice-based games, or parser-based games (where type GET LAMP etc.)? Or both? Or just whatever takes your fancy in subject matter, format be damned?

If choice-based, you might want to look at Choice of Games’s catalogue. They’re commercial, though they give a lot of it for you to test with demos of early chapters, and they range a lot in styles and subject matter. But there’s a ton of popular and genre games there where you don’t have to guess what the game might be like.

If you don’t mind saying, what games did you try that you found too high brow? I mean, the main reason to ask is to just find out what doesn’t suit you, in order to find things that do.



For games targetting a younger audience or more light hearted, there are a few rec lists on the IFDB:

Also another thread mainly Twine games for kids.


I wonder if the Text Adventure Literacy Jam would be a good source of recommendations, since the explicit goal there is to be welcoming to new players?

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If it is something that would match OP’s search, most entries should appear here’:

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This was the first text adventure game I played when I first got seriously into IF:

Bobby and Bonnie - Details (