Any expert on Dungeon Adventure (Level9, 1983)

Hey, people,

Although I voted Dungeon Adventure as one of my favorites 20 games of all times, I didn’t manage to finish it, and I’m now replaying to do it. I voted for it because of plain nostalgia and because the beginning area of the game is one of my favorites beginning areas ever, full packed with faerie folks and just straight out stolen from mythologies with no sense at all in the whole picture. Anyway, that first start area is quite fun and navigable as a starter for the game.

So, that is, now I’m knee-deep in the second “part” of the game, it is quite difficult, full of adventures tropes, instant death, and traps (it is ok, the game is designed with that in mind, it even has a machine for resurrection). The thing is I will like to know if someone here is an “expert” on the game, so they can lead me through it.

For example, the source of light is one of the first problems one gets. The source light is quite limited, and I wonder if I must play to optimize my playthrough in the fewer moves possible. Because, there’s a second source of light, but it seems to be quite far from the second area of the game, so eventually I just keep dying in the dark.


It’s been over 30 years since I played Dungeon Adventure, and I never got that far. But you might want to take a look at, which contains several mentions of light sources.

Yeah, I have those,but even is difficult because of what I mentioned, you know, even knowing the solution one must to master the timing, like in Adventure with the lantern and the vending machine.