Any compilers for my own Magnetic Scrolls game ideas?

Anyway at all?

What do you mean by Magnetic Scrolls game idea? Are you referring to parser games in general or something more specific?

Sounds like they want to compile a new game to be runnable in a Magnetic Scrolls interpreter.

UnwashedMass, BINGO!

Magnetic Scrolls used to create their games in two parts; the world and the story. The world was created by a tool called “Fred”, which was essentially an object property editor. Objects were created and described in Fred, then properties set on these objects accordingly.

The world was essentially a simulator driven by these properties and a parser. The Fredded world could run as a dry game without a story.

The story would be created from before and after hooks on operations. These hooks would change the default world outcome. So perhaps, you could light a lamp with a match without hooking anything (ie from the base world), but “rub lamp” to produce a genie would need a hook.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any tools to remake any of this. I guess, in theory a Fred tool could be rebuilt, and maybe a dry game could be remade that would run in the interpreter.

But the bigger problem would be to find the hook points in the original code and trap them out in the interpreter so that new code could be attached. However, if this were (somehow) done, the new code could be written in a modern scripting language providing it had the means to modify the world object data.

would be an interesting project for masochists. :slight_smile: