Anti-Romance Jam is back!

The 2024 Anti-Romance Jam is back for another year of challenging attraction, bamboozling branching, and addressing complication!

This is an extra-long jam focused on the concept of anti-romance: what is it? how does it work? where’s the line between anti-romance and romance?

You decide! From 20 May 2024 - 22 July 2024, submissions will be open for IF creations exploring all the messy spaces and sensations that exist around and against romance, whatever that means to you.

Details & Rules

  • Solo- and team-created submissions allowed
  • All kinds of games, art, and other media are encouraged
    • Including but not limited to: interactive & kinetic/dynamic fiction or poetry; visual novels; TTRPGs; academic essays; zines; scripts; fiction; visual art; etc.
  • NSFW content allowed with appropriate content warnings and categorisation included
  • Previously published work?
    • Revisiting an old flame of a project is encouraged, so long as there is something new involved. This could include translations, substantial edits or expansions, adaptations, etc. If you aren’t sure if your idea would be eligible, feel free to ask!
  • Multiple entries (up to a maximum of 3 per creator)
  • For the duration of the jam submission period and two weeks immediately following, submissions should be free to play.
  • All submissions must be related to anti-romance in some way; spam entries and hateful content will be removed.
  • Submissions must not contain AI-generated content of any kind.

Happy jamming!


It’s going to be interesting to combine this with Smooch jam. :kissing_heart:


“I love you!”
“Aww how sweet!”
[smoochie mode]
“I love you as much as my dog!”
[anti-romance mode]
“Give me a hug!”
“Oh yeah!”
[smoochie mode]
“Hey stop hugging me it hurts”
bones breaking
[anti-romance mode]
“Gimme a kiss!”
chu chu chu chu
[smoochie mode]
“Hey what are you doing!”
chu chu slurp slurp aaah fresh blood
[anti-romance mode]