Another Question [customized pop-up windows]

I posted a question here a few days ago and after the excellent help I received I thought I’d try again.

I am trying to link to a pop-up window that opens over the current passage. The idea would be for the pop-up window to hold extra, optional information for the game in the form of text or images. So far I’ve been able to open a window via a link using this:

<<link 'Click Here'>>

I have also used this in the Stylesheet to edit the boxes size

#ui-dialog-body {
  color: black;

So far this works. The link works and the dimensions are as I’d like them. My problem however, is when I try and open/create another, separate pop-up it has exactly the same properties as this one. I would like to be able to edit each pop-up individually.

Could someone help with this?

First. You should use the Preformatted text option (</>) from the editor bar when posting code. If you don’t, then we may not be able to see the entirety of the code—which, as I write this, is the case here.

All dialogs have the same properties because you’re modifying the core styles of the dialog—i.e., affecting all dialogs, built-in and custom—when you probably want to style only specific custom dialogs.

Assuming you’re using Dialog.setup() to initialize the dialogs, simply specify the second, classNames, parameter to add classes to the dialog body.

For example, the following dialog bears the creature class:

Dialog.setup('Creature Info: Slime', 'creature');

Which can be used during styling to target only that specific type of dialog:

#ui-dialog-body.creature {
	/* … */

Thank you for the advise about formatting, I have now updated my post. I figured I that was my issue, but had no idea how to actually set them as different dialogs. Thank You I will give this a try.