Another Infocom blog-through

By Drew Cook. This series has an academic, lit-analysis slant. (As the author says, Jimmy Maher has covered the historical side of Infocom in unmatchable detail.)


Thanks for this post. I’m Drew Cook, the author of this blog.

Thanks, also, to those who have visited. I really enjoy talking about this stuff and would love to see some of you in the comments section.

e: the first Zork II post is up


Since this thread generated some trafffic, I thought it would be helpful if I posted an update whenever work is complete on a title. Most games will get 3-4 posts on different subjects. The project will take a while at this pace, but I’m enjoying myself. The most recent game completed is Deadline:

Deadline: There is a Bear in the Rosebush
Hard Evidence: Realizing the Story of Deadline
Quantum Detective: Deadline and the Many Worlds Interpretation
Deadline’s Connecticut of the Mind: Nostalgia, Privilege, and Mental Illness

The next group of posts will be about Zork III.