Another I6 help request (to avoid diverting to 'I beg your pardon?')


I’d like to let a blank input make it through to the ‘after reading a command’ stage so that I can intercept it with

if the player's command is "";

… rather than it just going to ‘I beg your pardon?’

My goal is not to print a cute message in response, otherwise I would use a rule for printing a parser error or such as the docs advise. The reason I want to do this is so I can convert a blank input into a repeat of the previously entered command, which is easy to do once we get to ‘after reading a command’.

A caveat is that I am using Unified Glulx Input by Andrew Plotkin, which already contains an edited version of ParserInput. So I was hoping to poke a little modification in there?

Thanks much.


(Hanon Ondricek) #2

“Neutral Library Messages” by Aaron Reed lists “I beg your pardon” as library message ID # 10 - no command given.

I know this isn’t exactly what you want - but it seems you could make a rule something like “If the error message is no command given: (do something else)”. I haven’t worked with redirecting error messages so I don’t know the exact syntax, but that would seem like the place to start.


(Daniel Stelzer) #3

You’re in luck! From Unified Glulx Input:

	! If the line was blank, get a fresh line.
	if (evtyp == evtype_LineInput && nw == 0) {
		! The old Keyboard routine cleared players_command here (to 100). I'm not sure why. If we're on buffer2/table2, the players_command snippet doesn't apply at all.

In other words, it calls the EmptyInputParserError function if and only if PASS_BLANK_INPUT_LINES isn’t defined.

And how does one define that? Well:

Use pass blank input lines translates as (- Constant PASS_BLANK_INPUT_LINES; -).

In other words, if you Use pass blank input lines, the empty input will make it through to all the normal “after reading a command” rules, where you can do what you like with it.



Oh great! Thanks for scoping that out, Draconis.

Btw, thanks for the idea, Hanon. I had vetted the idea of tapping the ‘I beg your pardon’ response, but capturing then re-executing actions is a more fraught path than just putting what the player really typed back through the parser. I already had some i6 code to do the latter that I used in Six, but that was in 6G60, and now that I’m using Unified Glulx Input too, it wasn’t safe to re-use.

PS I changed the topic title to SOLVED, which I saw someone else do, and seems like a good idea in general.

PPS In case Zarf reads this topic and was about to say something similar to: 'Beware the path you’re taking! Default mouse input will now no longer be blocked with an ‘I Beg Your Pardon!’ – I would reassure him that I’m only using line and character input in this project.



(matt w) #5

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I took the liberty of doing this–I’m not sure if it’s restricted to mods and the topic owner or what.



OK, thanks Matt.