Announcing: Zombie Exodus

Zombie Exodus is a CYOA game developed using ChoiceScript and hosted by Choice of Games. After building your character, you set off on a search to find your sister in a zombie-filled city. Along the way, you deal with military blockades, bandit groups, and, of course, the living dead. This release includes two parts, comprised of eight chapters, with future parts planned. It is available for free at Choice of Game’s Web site and as an app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

• On the Web:
• iPhone version
• Android version.

I have always enjoyed horror fiction and CYOA, and with the proliferation of zombie stories and films in recent years, I wanted to contribute to the genre.

I am happy to receive any constructive feedback on the story, characters, or use of choices in the game.

Thanks in advance!

I want to like that there’s a “native” Android app, but it looks like a web wrapper. I haven’t seen the in-game advertising yet, but it could be the ad blocker. I’ve made it through the “character creation” part of it, which reminds me quite a bit of MySpace personality tests. I checked my stats and hit the “Back” button to return to the game and it closed the app instead. I haven’t picked it up again, because I’m not a fan of the zombie genre. But if I do, I’ll give some actual feedback.

Congratulations on your finished product. Hope you get a little slice of the ad-removal pie.

I’ll be sure to play it as soon as you distribute an offline version I can download and keep in my hard drive.