Announcing upcoming Text-based Survival Horror (Twine)

Dear community members, this is my first post in this forum, thank you for having me. I would also like to take the opportunity to introduce you to my first Twine game (and my first game at all, as a matter of fact):

A text-based multiple-choice survival horror game with RPG elements called AMERICAN ANGST. It will be published in October via for Windows, Mac and Google Play. My name is Misha, I’m 35 and I live in Vienna.

While the premise itself is far from being revolutionary, I do hope that the atmosphere as well as the game play itself (inventory system, turn-based combat, four distinct endings, stats etc., 45 to 60 minutes of game play) will make it an entertaining affair

You wake up in pitch-black darkness. You don’t know where you are. You don’t know who you are. And they are trying to kill you… Your goal is to survive and escape from wherever you are and find out how you got to be there in the first place. On your journey, you will encounter enemies, you will have to fight, you will have to make wise decisions. Classic survival horror.

I was inspired by movies like The Hills have Eyes and Last House on the Left as well as games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill or Outlast. The interactive fiction game features gore, violence and the odd profanity, and even has a little social commentary, as you would expect from a horror game created by somebody who loves horror and splatter flicks from the 70s.

Here is the trailer to the game:

I hope this wasn’t too spammy! But as it is my first try, I am looking forward to hearing from you what you think of it when it is released (and of course what you think of the trailer).

Thank you for your patience! Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum! No need to worry about spamminess–announcements of in-development text-based games are very much on topic.

Thank you. And thank you :slight_smile: Then all is good. Looking forward to learning from the more experienced users here. Been a great experience so far. For example, my combat system is an enhancement of a system I discovered provided by another Twiner, and I am looking forward to open sourcing my enhancement on release. It’s amazing to see the great cooperation in interactive fiction.

A quick update to my game: I am finally finished and will be moving on to beta-testing (if anybody is interested, I still have a slot for one or two beta-testers open). Also, the game will be additionally released on Steam … e_Edition/

The game will be available for free on, but on Steam, it comes with some bonus content.