Announcing... The Recipe Jam! a mini IF jam [GAMES ARE OUT]

To kick off this new year of game jams, the neo-interactives girls have organised a week-long mini IF jam!


The Jam where you make your player hungry!

The Recipe Jam is a short unranked jam where you must include a recipe. Stuff it inside a book, make the player cook it, or hide it through the text…

Share your best (or worst) dish(es)!

Constraints and Rules:

  • Entries must include the recipe of a dish in some form (e.g. codex, in-story, feelies…).
  • You can use any coding program/medium, as long as the piece can be considered IF (game is interactive, with a focus on text).
  • The Jam is open to any language.
  • You can submit up to 3 entries!
  • You should aim for a 15-30min maximum gameplay.
  • Entries can have NSFW content, as long as it is indicated in your submission.
  • Entries should not include any generated AI content.
  • Spam or hateful content will be removed.

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well, for known reasons I don’t partecipate directly but because I suspect that was, uh, inspirational ? I’ll give a little complimentary gift, If I got an idea…

A note, please reword the last rule, because, well, the original meaning of spam:

actually allows legitimate entries… :smiley:

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


Reminds me of one of the earlier puzzles in Finding Martin!


For those looking for inspiration (or want to share their recipes with other), we have a thread in Off-Topic Discussion :wink:


hehehe I made a little silly parser


TODAY is the last DAY TO SUBMIT!


The games are out!!

Come check out 11 new small games! All about food?

Note: a few entries are still in restricted view. The authors have been notified and will fix it shortly.