Announcing "The McFarlane Job"

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce “The McFarlane Job”, a new, short interactive caper story I wrote for House of Cool, a Toronto creative studio. I built it with Massively, the company’s new platform for creating and distributing games and other interactive text works that resemble SMS conversations:

To play the game, download Massively onto your iOS or Android device, create an account (or log in via Facebook), and then search the in-app store for “McFarlane Job”. Every step of this process is free – enjoy!

Thanks to Katherine Morayati for QA, and House of Cool’s Dylan McFadyen for additional development. I would of course sincerely welcome additional feedback or bug reports.

If you find yourself curious about Massively’s creation tools, point your browser (preferably Chrome) at The authorship tool is entirely web-based, and that site includes documentation and tutorial videos.


Is it really necessary to have an internet connection to play a downloaded story? Because that’s a heck of a deal-breaker for me.

Mallory Ortberg is a national treasure.

By the way, you may want to tell your website that just because my web browser is not maximised to fit the whole screen it doesn’t mean I’m accessing the website from a mobile.

Howdy Peter,

I invite you to send your feedback about the system itself to I’ve confirmed with the company that that’s the best way to reach them with issues and suggestions about Massively, and I know that they’re very interested in hearing from the IF community about the system.

Brill. I’ll be superbusy for the next couple of days but I’ll definitely e-mail them. It looks like a great notion, and I seriously want to play it, but you know, online-only gets real hard for me.