Announcing Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2023 [We've added a Discord!]

The organisers are pleased to announce that Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2023 is now live! Submissions open on 12 April 2023, voting opens on 1 June 2023 and results are announced on 1 July 2023. See the jam home page for full details. Join the Discord server to chat, ask questions and communicate with the organisers: Text Adventure Literacy Jam Discord

What’s this all about?

This is the third annual Text Adventure Literacy Jam. The aim is to write a text adventure that is suitable for players with little or no prior experience of playing text adventures. The game must include an in-game tutorial.

The concept of the Text Adventure Literacy Jam is based on the Text Adventure Literacy Project (TALP) launched by Chris Ainsley (@adventuron) in 2019.

Chris was unable to organise the jam this year, so @Warrigal and @pinkunz have taken on the organisational duties with Chris’ blessing. We have tried to stick to the goals of the past jams, yet keep the rules as simple as possible. We’ve also included some detailed guidelines to provide additional advice and recommendations. If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement, feel free to let us know.

Prize donations wanted

The Text Adventure Literacy Jam has a history of great prizes thanks to the generosity of some wonderful donors. We already have US$300 in cash prizes, but the more the merrier. If you’d like to donate a prize (not necessarily cash), please contact us via a personal message or at the email address linked at the bottom of the jam page.

More importantly, start thinking about your entries NOW! We want to make this the biggest and best Text Adventure Literacy Jam yet.


Excellent news! Thanks so much @Warrigal and @pinkunz for taking over organising duties this year. Looking forward to some great tutorial games :slight_smile:


I really hope we’ll see a new Barry Basic game. Can I hope?


Maybe :slight_smile:


We have another prize of €40 kindly donated by Gianluca Girelli (@g0blin).


I’ve created a basic page for it on the wiki at Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2023 - IFWiki. I also turned the existing Text Adventure Literacy Jam - IFWiki page (which was partly about the jam in general and partly about the 2021 jam) into a series page which links to separate pages about the 2021, 2022 and 2023 jams. As it’s a wiki, anyone can edit it.


Thank you, @Jonathan !


Thanks, @Jonathan. That’s exactly how I felt it should be organised.


So glad this is a regular thing! I’m looking forward to it. It’s probably what helped bring me back into writing reviews and trying new games.

And while it’s sad Chris was unable to organize it again, this year’s co-organizers are a great fit, whether it’s just for 2023 or looking onwards.


We now have a dedicated Discord server for the Jam! Please feel free to join it here:


Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2023 submissions are now open and will close at the end of May!

Tell your doc! Tell your dog! Call Iraq and even Prague! Spread the word with a bird! :bird:

Let’s get literate!

Please consider it!


This is gonna be really confusing to anyone who uses any other pronunciation of these places lol.

EDIT: This is me endorsing it.


Ha, I was thinking the same thing and trying to construct alternate versions – “Tell your doc! Yell aha! Call Iraq and even Praha!”


Me three.

Don’t stop on folks in your house! Tell Iran and then tell Laos!


The link to join the Discord server has expired. Sorry about that. I’ve generated a new, non-expiring link and added it to the original post. Otherwise, click here to join in the fun:


There’s less than one day until submissions close. Ooh, this is getting exciting. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.