Announcing Spring Thing 2013! (& seeking 2014 organizer--!)

I have some good news! Well, some good, and some bad, and some that provides an opportunity.

The good news:

Spring Thing 2013 is going to happen!

In case you haven’t heard, the Spring Thing is “the other” annual IF comp. In the past it has often featured a more select set of entrants than the IF Comp. You need to pay a $7 fee to enter, but there are cool prizes. It all begins in March 2013, but you will want to prepare earlier if you want to enter.

$200 has already been donated to the prize pool by me, and I have not yet asked others for donations yet. In the past we have had some generous donors.

For more information, including rules, prize info, history of the comp, etc., visit the site:

The bad news:

Spring Thing 2013 will be the last Spring Thing organized by me.

After several years of organizing the competition, I am calling it quits. I have been glad to help promote IF in this way over the years, but I have had less time than ever these days. You know how it is.

But I wanted to do this the right way, so instead of just walking away, I am only organizing the competition one last time. Not only that, but I am announcing it with plenty of time to spare (which has made a big difference in previous years). And not only that, but hopefully that leaves even more time to spare to find a new organizer… if anyone is interested…

The opportunities:

I am looking for a new Spring Thing organizer. If you are interested in this, contact me.

As always, we are looking for donors. As I said, I have kicked things off with $200. If you would like to make a donation, please write to me.

My contact info:

Please do not write to me at my gmail account; instead please write to:



Also note: I will be without any email access during the period of Aug 24 to Aug 31.


Greg Boettcher