Announcing SpeechMark, a markup syntax for character dialogue

This is a request to all those (and there are a number of us) who are developing their own IF frameworks.

While refactoring my own project Balladeer, I was able to carve out the component which defined the syntax for authoring character dialogue. So I’ve created a specification for it as a simple markup format.
It does everything I need and it occurred to me it might be of use more widely.

I’d like to get your feedback, if you are interested in such a thing. The github repo is here (specification is displayed on the landing page).

I already have a Python implementation written, although it needs a couple of tweaks.

It would be great to see a Javascript or a C library for it too!

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Can you give a little more on how it might be used? With examples, maybe? Basically, tell us why it would be great to use this.

It seems like markdown, but just different enough to confuse. Why not use * for lists rather than +? And emphasis and strong are reversed I think.

If you don’t know you need SpeechMark, then you probably don’t need SpeechMark :slightly_smiling_face:
It might however be a way for IF frameworks to attract authors, by implementing a standard authoring syntax.

No, the difference is sufficient to clarify. Markdown itself is the source of confusion. Try testing autolinks
in the Commonmark online editor to see how many differences there are between Markdown implementations.

Okay, so this is more of a specification/standard, rather than a specific program? Sort of a file type, more or less? Also, this seems to be a format for specific dialogue blocks, instead of a conversation tree?

(Just testing myself for understanding)

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Yes, entirely. I do have ambitions for defining conversation trees, etc. But what I needed first was a solid way of capturing the conversation itself :slightly_smiling_face:

I have written an IF framework, but okay, I guess I do not need it then!

Yeah, okay, my bad. Apparently there are indeed numerous versions.

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