Announcing Elm Narrative Engine Version 5.0 Release

I’ve been working slowly but steadily on the Elm Narrative Engine, and have just released version 5.0.

The Elm Narrative Engine is a browser based IF tool offering a flexible “schemaless” world model, a salience/quality based rule matching system, and is view agnostic.

This release focuses on adopting the simplified authoring syntax suggested on this forum in an earlier post. It also adds some debugging tooling.

I have been testing this version in beta on a more complex game that I have been working on (which was a part of last year’s IntroComp), and it has reached a level of stability and utility that is ready for release.

You can play with the new release in a live online sandbox at

The full documentation is at

The release blog with more information is at

I feel this release makes the Elm Narrative Engine a solid option for writing IF. Future plans involve creating a JavaScript wrapper for people who do not want to writing in Elm, and an online editor/publishing platform for minimal friction usage, similar to the tooling available around Twine.

I hope more IF authors give it a shot. Please feel free to contact me with questions, feedback, or to show off games you have made with it. :slight_smile:


The pink and black with a white background is very hard to read with my low vision.


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Hi fos1. Thanks for mentioning this! Which part are you referring to?

If you are referring to the code syntax highlighting in the sandbox editor, I do not have control over how that displays, but you can see the same code on github at (you can actually clone that repo and try it out locally too).

If you are referring to the actual sample game, you can change the background color (and any other aspect of the view) via normal CSS styles. The debug bar has hard coded styles (it’s actually yellow on black), but you can overwrite those too with custom CSS. I made another version of the sandbox code with these minor changes in place to demonstrate:

If you were talking about something different, please clarify what you meant for me. Thanks for taking a look, and thanks for the feedback!

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Hi Jeff,

Thank you for the feedback and the suggestions. I did play with the interface and the HTML/CSS settings based on your alternative sandbox code. It is much more readable. The initial settings were just washed out with my color perception.

I will experiment further.

Thank you,

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