Announcing CYOA competition

CYOA competition

judges and participants for my Choose Your Own Adventure competition wanted! every participant receives a freebie!

you don’t have to enter a completely new game as long as long as you wrote it and it hasn’t participated in any competition before. don’t be a cheater! [emote];)[/emote]

length and genre of the game doesn’t matter - the only important thing is that it’s CYOA.

the games will be rated by a jury rather than public voting, judges are supposed to have completed at least one game of IF (any style, not only CYOA)

so if you scribble down a game in 5 minutes that has only one branch you still get a prize - how can you lose! [emote]:)[/emote]

winners get nice Metallica stuff!!!

PM or email me!

full rules below

full rules:

  1. Dates

I must receive your game (source code not required!) by email or pm by 17:00 GMT on Sunday, May 30, 2010.

  1. Game

Your game must be a Choose your own adventure game playable with an interpreter, preferably Frotz. In the event that the CYOA-ness of a game is disputed by at least one jury member, the jury (see below) will decide whether it is eligible to participate in the competition.

The game must be written in the English language to an amount bigger than 50%. There is no required length or any other requirement. A game of any nature can participate.

All games that have never before participated in any competition of any kind are eligible to take place in this one. In other words it is not important when they have been written. Just be honest!

  1. Game Submission Procedure
    After extensively testing your game, send me an email or pm including the following:
  • Your real name
  • A short description of your work
  • Indicate the programming language/version in which the game was programmed.
  • Attach a copy of your game in whatever format you’d like it to be distributed
  • Up until the submission deadline you can send updated versions of your game.
  • No more than five game submissions per author.
  1. Veto right

I have the final say on any aspect of the competition.

  1. Jury

The first four people to apply are recruited into the jury. Jury rules will be discussed internally. If less than four people apply for jury duty, just those who did perform the voting. The jury will judge the submitted games via a point system discussed internally.

Everybody who has written at least one game of Interactive fiction in his life and can prove this is accepted into the jury. Every jury member receives a free CD or tape (as below).

  1. Prizes

Every participant receives a free CD or cassette! (participant can choose between a limited selection of stuff)


1st prize: Metallica - Dutch Magnetic double CD set

2nd prize: Metallica - Pounding out aggression CD

3rd prize: Metallica - One 7" single

  1. “Copyright”

Don’t submit games you didn’t write yourself! I mean that should go without saying…

  1. Email address

Sounds cool JC, but is there a reason you made a new account for this compo?

Bravo, “Aina”, very mature.

Incidently, Denton, changing accounts like wild to avoid getting recognized isn’t going to change what people think of you. You’re not even that hard to recognise (though I admit I wouldn’t have known it from your PMs).

Back on topic now, the competition seems fair enough. God knows CYOA doesn’t have a very good rep, a comp might well boost it up a bit.

Just lose rule 9 if you want any sort of credibility at all.

I agree, the competition sounds totally fine. JC, if you want to host a competition and enter it, that’s cool. Just go ahead and do it, changing user account isn’t necessary.

what people think of me is more like what YOU think of me, I never heard anybody else complain

almost got you, didn’t I? [emote]:twisted:[/emote]

“hard to recognise” - you’ll never learn, do you? [emote]:roll:[/emote]

anyway, the competition is completely legit. I doubt many people will enter since there are hardly any people ON this forum to begin with, but if I get 2-3, that’s enough. I will post pictures of the prizes later.

End of competition date might change if necessary.

ok, everybody can participate. even peter. [emote]:lol:[/emote]

how can I get this to show up on if wiki?

ok we have 2 entries and 2 judges now, so the competition is on the way

If it’s about Metallica then don’t expect me to take part in this comp. [emote]:P[/emote]

Forget about Metallica. Give me rockin’ Techno beats mixed with hypersonic sounds or electronic guitar!
Give me something from Astrix!!! He’s a cool PsyTrance DJ from Israel.

Listen to these samples and enjoy:

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I’m not really content with you spamming my thread, but for the record, I can provide alternative prices including techno crap cds

I don’t care whether you like hiphop, psytrance, electro, techno music or not. And for my record, I loved Metallica and listened to it a lot when I was a teenager back in the 90s. Believe it or not. I’m just not interested in hardrock or metal music anymore, because I try to go with the times. In the words of Marilyn Manson: “Rock is dead.”

Oh and I think it’s impolite to call me a “spammer”, just because I express my own opinion here. I believe in the first ammendment of the U.S. constitution and in free speech. Have I already mentioned that I’m a fan of Alex Jones on I know my God-given rights! However, I didn’t expect a neutral reaction from a guy like you anyway. Although I don’t know you and I have never heard of you, your reaction and the reaction of other posters here show me that you are not the type of guy I could get along with. I’m glad that it happened, because now I know that I should never seriously take part in your CYOA comp. Too bad for you, because I try to revolutionize the CYOA genre with my ongoing and permanent development of the Node-X engine. I don’t say that you need me or that my CYOA system is important, but you shouldn’t make me dislike you.

So let me give you a good advice from my own life experience: React less aggressive to criticism and you will have a more pleasant time here.

Thank you and have a nice day. Bye.

Three things, though, before this goes much further.

One, to my knowledge, the U.S. Constitution applies to U.S. citizens. I’m not sure that this extends to Germany, although I admit I’m not an expert.

Two, the first amendment isn’t a free pass to behave foolishly, although it is commonly misconstrued to be. We get protections against government censorship, to some degree. That’s all. This freedom does not apply to anything privately-owned, which is pretty much everything else (stores, web sites, other people’s homes, etc). In short, “free speech” has no bearing in most places where people believe they have a right to exercise free speech. This is usually just an attempt to shield and justify disruptive behavior. Be more concerned about the standards of whatever community or establishment you take part in, because that’s the true extent of how far you are able to go.

Three, “Aina Grey” is just baiting you, and you’re biting. Biting is usually a bad idea.

That’s a shame, because I thought a CYOA competition sounded interesting - and I’m not being sarcastic.

Hi all. I’m just checking in from IFWiki – I’m an admin there – and I’m curious about the current status of this competition.

From what I can tell, the entry deadline has passed; however, there was a comment about possibly extending the deadline. Also, I see a comment that two games were entered, but I don’t see any announcement saying that they were released or if the judges are currently playing them or what. I also see some snarking about whether this is a real competition or not. So I’m a bit confused on the current status.

A little clarification on what’s currently happening with this competition would be welcome. Thanks.

Aina Grey flipped out, in a comment which has been deleted (in between Merk’s and Mick’s), and stalked off in a huff. I would guess that the competition is not happening.