[Announcement] New web fic with IF-style rooms/descriptions

In my last Internet Design & Publishing class on Thursday, I presented my website project in front of the class and instructor.

My site, hosted on my community college’s webspace for now, is based on an IF experiment that I worked on through the fall of 2010. I was trying to build a large fantasy landscape. I didn’t get much further in the actual implementation than the first room – an dome-shaped observatory at the top of a high tower upon Mount Anuël, the highest mountain in Edȇn (I cut back on the fantasy names for the website :wink:). This first room contained dozens of scenery objects representing the view of the whole landscape as seen from the observatory, and the descriptions of these objects formed the basis for my room-based web work. I sometimes copied my old descriptions straight from the Hugo source file of my original game.

I think I’ll refrain from announcing the main feature of my website and let readers discover it for themselves. My website is clearly not interactive in the sense of parser IF or even most CYOAs, since you can only control the order in which you see information. It’s not even a story, since it does not contain a narrative and cannot generate one, but it is fantasy fiction. I hope that my project might contribute to the discourse about what an interactive experience fundamentally is, if only as an example of the limits of interactivity in a work that uses no code besides CSS and HTML.

Here’s the link: students.herkimer.edu/~leep518/index.html

I wish I were announcing the parser IF game that I’ve been working on for a year (since abandoning the fantasy game upon which this website was built), but I still haven’t gotten my current Hugo game to a beta stage (or even gotten it to be playable from end to end without debugging commands; there’s still a couple interactions to be implemented). But at least I have something to show for all my tinkering! :slight_smile: